For 40 years, classical music enthusiasts have succeeded one another in bringing to life these exceptional places, the priory of Cunault and the Romanesque church of Trèves.

It has been 40 years since the organ took its place in the priory, much to the delight of the parishioners and the faithful audience of the Musical Hours of Cunault.

Le programme for the 2023 season perfectly matches our objectives: Quality, Openness and Tradition for all. Amandine Duchênes et Thomas Pellerin, our new artistic directors, have understood this. We thank them and congratulate them.

Faithful to its statutes, our association relies on a team of enthusiastic volunteers where each one naturally finds his place by contributing his skills, his availability and his goodwill. To all of them, a huge thank you.

We owe our success to you, our loyal audience, and to all our partners who support us.

It should be remembered that access to culture would not be possible without the participation of the local authorities: Region, Department, Saumur Agglomeration, City of Gennes Val de Loire and our advertisers and sponsors.

We are all looking forward to seeing you this summer and sharing the emotional moments that our musician friends offer us.

Long live the Musical Hours of Cunault!

Gérard Pedrono
President of the Friends of the Cunault Organ

Gérard Pedrono surrounded by Thomas Pellerin and Amandine Duchênes who are the artistic directors of the 40th Musical Hours of Cunault.