Discover the young artists programmed at the Mai de l’Orgue. They are musicians at the end of their training in the best organ and early music classes of the regional and national conservatories of Lyon, Strasbourg and Angers.

Concert on Sunday, May 7

Louyse Gris. She began her musical studies at the Conservatory of Nantes by studying piano with Catherine Gouget and organ with Michel Bourcier.

She obtained her diploma in piano with Christine Fonlupt and in organ with Éric Lebrun at the Conservatory of Saint-Maur-des-fossés. She is currently studying organ at the CNSMD of Lyon in the class of François Espinasse and Liesbeth Schlumberger, and piano accompaniment at the CRR of Lyon with Laetitia Bougnol.

Louise Gris has already performed at the Mai de l’Orgue in Cunault in 2019.

Joffrey Mialon. He started playing the piano at the age of 13 and the organ two years later. He quickly became passionate about music and decided to devote himself to it at the age of 18, when he was admitted to the Grenoble Conservatory under Denis Bordage, where he obtained a DEM in organ, as well as a degree in musicology from the University of Grenoble-Alpes.

He continued his training in Toulouse at the Conservatoire and at the Institut supérieur des arts (isdaT) with Willem Jansen, before joining the CNSMD of Lyon for organ with Liesbeth Schlumberger and François Espinasse, the CRR of Lyon for piano with Manuel Schweizer and the ENM of Villeurbanne for accompaniment with Danièle Clémot.

Concert on Sunday, may 14

Nicolas Kilhoffer. Originally from Saverne in the Bas Rhin, Nicolas Kilhoffer began studying the piano at the age of 7 with Cécile Steffanus. He began learning the organ on his own and accompanying the liturgy at the age of 10. He met Rémy Kalck with whom he worked for five years before joining Daniel Maurer’s organ class at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Strasbourg in 2017.

In parallel to his organ and improvisation studies at the conservatory, he continues to study piano with Elyette Weil and harmony with Gaël Lozac’h.

Nicolas Kilhoffer completed his studies at the conservatory in the piano class of Victoria Kamyshinets. He performs regularly in France and abroad during recitals in which improvisation plays an important role.

Louyse Gris, Joffrey Mialon et Nicolas Kilhoffer en récital d'au Mai de l'Orgue de Cunault en Mai 2023

Louyse Gris, Joffrey Mialon and Nicolas Kilhoffer in recital at the Mai de l’Orgue in Cunault in May 2023

Concert on Sunday, May 21

The students of the organ and early instruments department of the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional (CRR) of Angers

The “organ and early instruments” department includes the harpsichord, organ, basso continuo, viola da gamba, and recorder classes, and allows for the creation of ensembles worked on with the teachers.

The Conservatory’s organ class was created in 1963 by Xavier Darasse. Since then, many teachers have succeeded one another, including André Isoir, Jean-Louis Gil, Eric Lebrun, François Espinasse and Johann Vexo. It is now directed by Thomas Pellerin with 25 students of all levels and all ages. The students are lucky enough to have 2 organs at the conservatory and to have access to many instruments in the Anjou area.

The ancient instruments class is directed by Manami Haragushi, professor of continuo. On May 21 in Cunault, the young musicians will present works on organ, violin, recorder, and viola da gamba.