The church of Saint-Aubin de Trèves (11th – 12th century) stands at the foot of the keep, 1 km from Cunault, in the direction of Saumur. A true showcase for chamber music or baroque ensembles, or even more contemporary formations, it owes its chapel-like dimensions and its perfect acoustics, a certain intimacy with the audience, resulting in a musical pleasure shared with conviviality

It is an ancient priory which was built in three successive periods. The nave was built in the 11th century, the transept in the 12th and the bell tower in the 13th. In the 15th century, the nave was covered with a barrel vault, the crossbeams and points of which are decorated with monster heads. At the back of the transept is the tomb of Robert le Maçon, chancellor to King Charles VII and defender of Joan of Arc, who had the keep next to the church built.

In the church, two elements stand out: the font, which is a baptistery decorated with four masks representing the four rivers of Paradise, and the tabernacle, a lantern tower which was used to display relics on three superimposed levels.